About Me

About the Time-Poor Traveller

Hello, I’m Kirsty, a 28 year old Australian living in London.

I love to travel, although I am not a nomad, vagabond or wanderer. I have no plans to quit my job and travel the world taking selfies and instagramming my dinner. I’m just your average dreamer, with a full time job and a constant longing to go where I haven’t been. I know I am not the only one with big travel dreams so I thought it was worth sharing some of my travels with you.

Personally I am a huge fan of the quick getaway. A little trip to an exciting destination in Europe. Often somewhere a bit different, less obvious than Paris or Rome. These short adventures allow me to taste new cultures, meet some lovely locals and overall fulfill my travel dreams bit by bit. They also give me plenty of time for anticipation and planning, which is half the fun. My travel style is all about valuing my money, time and curiosity.  I like to call it “wanderlust while wearing a watch”.

Also, travel is good for you (like I needed more encouragement!). With a career in healthcare, I take a personal interest in the health and wellbeing benefits of travel. It is said to improve your mental health, reduce stress, decrease your risk of heart disease and make you overall a more tolerant person. Just because you are time-poor like me, doesn’t mean that you should be missing out on these wonderful benefits.

I  have big travel dreams but I am realistic. I recognise that I might not go everywhere but I should definitely go everywhere I can, and so should you! At risk of sounding cliche, life is short and we should all use the time we have wisely.

I hope you find my blog useful and it encourages you to achieve your travel dreams too.

Happy Travels,



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